学术报告:基于电池的汽车异常诊断(Diagnosing Vehicles Using Automotive Batteries)


报告人Dr. Liang He, University of Colorado Denver, USA

201965 15:30~16:30


报告概况The automotive industry is increasingly employing software-based solutions to provide value-added features on vehicles, especially with the coming era of electric vehicles and autonomous driving. The ever-increasing cyber components of vehicles (i.e., computation, communication, and control), however, incur new risks of anomalies, as demonstrated by the millions of vehicles recalled by different manufactures. To mitigate these risks, we design B-Diag, a battery-based diagnostics system that guards vehicles against anomalies with a cyber-physical approach, thus providing vehicles an additional layer of protection. B-Diag is inspired by the fact that the auto- motive battery operates in strong dependency with many physical components of the vehicle, which is observable as correlations between battery voltage and the vehicle’s corresponding operational parameters, e.g., a faster revolutions- per-minute (RPM) of the engine, in general, leads to a higher battery voltage. B-Diag exploits such physically-induced correlations to diagnose vehicles by cross-validating the vehicle information with battery voltage, based on a set of data-driven norm models constructed online.

报告人概况Dr. Liang He is currently an assistant professor at University of Colorado Denver, Denver, CO, USA.He worked as a research fellow at The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor during 2015-2017 and a research scientist at Singapore University of Technology & Design during 2012-2014. His research focuses on cyber-physical systems and internet-of-things, with particular interests on batteries, their management, and their roles in system operation. Dr. He has published over 70 research papers at premier conferences such as ACM MobiCom/MobiSys/MobiHoc, IEEE RTSS/RTAS/INFOCOM, and journals such as IEEE TMC/TON/TC/TSG, and ACM TCPS. He is the recipient of the best paper/poster awards of MobiSys’17, QShine’14, GLOBECOM’11, and WCSP’11. Dr. He is a senior member of IEEE and member of ACM. Dr. He served as TPC members for over 40 international conferences/workshops.

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